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Solar is Smart.
For Schools. For Teachers. For Students.

No matter where you live, you can harness the sun’s power. Johnson Controls can help you add solar to your school – and at the same time provide training for teachers so they can help kids learn about renewable energy. Best of all, we've got a special student website where they can look at how much energy their solar panel is generating and compare it with schools all over North America.

Academy Solar Kit

School Districts Love Our Proven Technical Approach

Solar for Schools will help you design and install a 5kW photovoltaic panel – either mounted to the roof or on the ground. We'll get you started with a solar package that includes dependable SolarWorld high efficiency, mono-crystalline silicon solar modules, along with an inverter with built-in disconnects, mounting rack, specification sheets and full warranties. View video clip.
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Training teachers in technology

Johnson Controls has teamed with the National Energy Foundation to provide training for teachers that shows how to integrate the new solar panel and solar energy into K-12 lessons. NEF employs professional educators who will come to your location to provide a teacher in-service that includes hands-on demonstrations and practice sharing tools and curriculum with students. Each workshop is customized to district needs and state standards, and it offers intensive training on solar, wind and geothermal energy, along with energy efficiency. A highlight of the curriculum is the ability to monitor the school's PV system with web portal software. Engaging lessons utilizing this data encourages the student to analyze and forecast the solar energy with their school's PV system.